Curb Roller - Concrete Curb


Revolution in Concrete Border Systems

Curb roller - concrete curb machine, developed in America, is an innovative machine has been used firstly by our company since 2015 in Turkey. L-profile curbs poured in place with high-strength concrete make the road and pavement combinations perfect in every direction.

Jointless: terminates the problems such as rupture, tipping and segregation in borders with this jointless and continuous implementation technique.

Durable: L-sectioned border structure works as a foundation with a girder and also makes the border resistant to heavy vehicle effects.

Effective Water Drainage: Rain water does not accumulate on the roadside, thanks to the reverse slope channel detail is transferred to the nearest loophole.

Environmentalist: Since the edges of the border are smooth and continuous, the accumulated sludge and dust are cleaned very easily.

Aesthetics: Continuous and jointless border, curved edges, coloration and appearance of concrete surface texture contribute to urban aesthetics.