Industrial Concrete Floors



Before the construction of concrete floors under fixed or moving loads with different usage purpose such as factories, logistic warehouses, high-rack distribution centers, concrete roads, port sites, car parks and fuel stations, many parameters such as; the type of the floor and its bearing properties, the thickness of the concrete slab to be constructed, the properties of the concrete to be used, the direction and degree of surface slopes, the different abrasion effects on the surface, the shape of the concrete surface texture, the application time according to the weather conditions, the determination of the concrete surface smoothness class, The type and amount of steel reinforcement to be used, the determination of construction, insulation and crack control joints, determination of the settlement plan of the fixed loads (machines, shelves, stock zones, etc.) to be formed on the concrete surface should be evaluated and projected. Implementation How important is the design of the industrial floor concrete for many years to serve seamlessly, The iplementation is also so important. It is necessary to implement the project decisions with good workmanship and continuous control in the construction process.

For this; bearing ground information, material quality, concrete design, expert technical personnel, experienced application personnel, modern and well-maintained ground concrete tools and machines and precision measuring devices are important separately. EY Endüstriyel Yapı; The design and implementation of concrete floors with over 15 years of experience has been adopted as a pioneer and a respected professional in the concrete floor solutions in Turkey.