Microcement Fine Concrete Floor Coating

Product Information

Microcement coatings; It is 4-40 mm thick, self leveling, cement based and high abrasion resistant finishing coat decorative concrete floor covering system.

Very fine, wall-to-wall jointless, (may require grouting on the wall and column corners), matt, satin, glossy, terrazo effect, gray or colored modern coatings can be made on the old coatings without removing them.


Spacious and easy on the eye, wall-to-wall jointless minimalist places can be created.

 Various surface finishes (matt, satin, glossy) and colors can be applied.

Different colors and tones can be applied on the surface such as logo, pattern and brand name.

It can be applied on the Old floor coverings (solid surface screed, ceramic, tile mosaic, etc.) without removing them.

Fast applicable and can be opened to traffic within 2 days. Easy to maintain and clean.

Commercial floors exposed to busy pedestrian traffic can be used on industrial floors except residential floors too.

High strength and abrasion resistance


Homes; especially the entrance halls and living rooms.

Commercial areas; Stores, Shopping malls, offices, hotels, educational buildings, Museums, Exhibition halls.

Industrial Facilities; Factories, warehouses.