About us

EY Endüstriyel Yapı Co. Ltd. in 2005, on concrete floors; was established to give design, application and consultancy services. In this process, which started with industrial floor concrete applications (factory and workshop floors, concrete roads, car parking areas, gas station floors, etc.), the use of steel fiber concrete reinforcement with the brand name Dramix was started in 2006 and BEKSA (Bekaert-Sabancı), it is BEKAERT-Belgium now, has become a solution partner and professional application partner. With the technical facilities provided by Dramix steel wire concrete reinforcements, according to classical steel mesh reinforced concrete applications; more economical, longer-lasting, higher crack-resistant and flatter concrete flooring has been possible to make. The construction of projects such as fine concrete coatings over existing slab (topping concrete), concrete slab on metal trapezoidal sheet metal, lorry parks exposed to heavy loads and logistics warehouse floors have been started.

In a process initiated as the French Lafarge-Artevia decorative imprint concrete application team by diversifying our concrete floor applications in 2007, so far more than 1,000,000 m2 decorative imprint concrete floors (pedestrian roads, squares, park walkways, car parks, motorways, commercial or residential building entrances, terraces, .... etc) applications were made. Furthermore, Since 2008, we have been carrying out the applications of Flex-cement, which is very well known in America, for decorative plaster and floor coverings.

Since 2010, we have started to implement floor concrete slab with laser controlled and high elevation sensitivity which is today's floor concrete technology with 2 Dutch-Multiarm laser screed machines that we have added to our machinery park. In this way, with the castings up to 1500 m2 per day, we also make concrete floor applications of structures such as logistic warehouses with minimum cold joint and surface smoothness at international standards, goods distribution centers, high rack structures, etc. With these machines, first in Turkey we carry out homogeneous slabbing application of concrete surface hardener powder to wet concrete in a controlled manner.




In 2014, the surface hardening and protection applications with special liquid chemicals were started by polishing the surfaces of old and new concrete floors with diamond abrasive concrete surface grinding machines. We are now able to make very attractive, smooth and bright concrete floors.

Since it was founded, more than 5 million m2 of industrial and decorative concrete floor application experience, technical and application staff trained by the knowledge and experience of many years, with research-development, training activities and innovative practices in the sector related to Floor concrete application technologies and materials, EY Endütriyel Yapı has gained a respectable place in Turkey and pioneer in professional floor concrete solutions.


With more than 50 staff trained in professional ground concrete applications; high quality, timely and fast application possibilities.

Maximum attention to occupational safety and continuous in-service training. Technical consulting support.

Quality control and service.

Maintenance and renovation of old concrete floors.

Environment-sensitive working system.